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The “Special Event” Fleet

At A-1 Rocket, we pride ourselves in the cleanliness and upkeep of our restrooms. Our company runs two different “fleets” of restrooms: one for the construction industry and one for VIP or special events. The restroom that is on the construction site is not the same unit that will be delivered to your family reunion or next big concert.


Planning Ahead of Time

Our management team encourages customers to call ahead and ask as many questions as possible. We can help you lay out an event and decide how many restrooms you will need to make your guest comfortable. We have also sat in on many very large committee meetings for large events over several months to ensure that an event is set up, run, and taken down smoothly.


Quality Control

By running a clean fleet and planning ahead, A-1 Rocket can ensure that the portable restrooms at your next event will be something that you will not have to worry about. We provide a clean, on-time product.

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