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Our company motto, “Service has built our business," starts from the time the customer picks up the phone to order a trash trailer for their oil & gas drilling site. In most cases we can have the trash trailer unit to your location in a few hours.


Our pricing is based on weekly SERVICE. Our management team works with our service technicians to ensure that each trash trailer is properly serviced each week.

The weekly rate includes this service. We can also remove the collected trash multiple times per week or place multiple trash trailer units on site.

Quality Control

Our service technicians work with the office staff to ensure that each oilfield site has an adequate number of trash trailers for the amount of workers and time of year. Our paper work is done daily to show several quality control metrics for each trash trailer that is on rent. This is an open book, and any customer can call at any time to see how “their” trash trailer is measuring up. If at any time we feel like a job needs more attention, we will let the customer know.

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